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Treating Social AnxietyOur mission is to provide the environment and experiences that unlock a life where contribution and connection are possible. Our group therapy approach aims to systemically decrease anxiety and increase connection.


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What we're seeing

It’s not a surprise that many young adults and teens are showing signs of stress and increased anxiety.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a safe space where our teens can learn new coping skills to decrease anxiety, increase their confidence, and emerge from this experience feeling equipped to thrive?

Social anxiety is the
3rd most prominent mental health issue, globally.

15 million US adults suffer from social anxiety. 1 in 3 adolescents experience an anxiety disorder. Over 80% of impacted adolescents never get help.

Untreated, anxiety disorders are linked to depression, school failure and a two-fold increase in risk for substance abuse disorder.


Every parent wants to know that their kid is going to be OK. We want to see them experience success, enjoy independence and build healthy relationships of their own.

Social anxiety is different than shyness or introversion; it’s experienced through an intense fear of being judged harshly in social situations for any misstep. At its core, social anxiety is seeing ourselves in a distorted way and believing the distortion to be true.

Father looking at his son. Thought bubble: Is my kid going to be ok?
Father looking at his son. Thought bubble: Is my kid going to be ok?
Perhaps you’ve started to see the impacts of social anxiety in your teen?
Depressed teen girl separated from group of other teens. Thought bubble: I don't want to bring attention to myself, I just want to hide.
Depressed teen girl separated from group of other teens. Thought bubble: I don't want to bring attention to myself, I just want to hide.

Anticipated rejection and embarrassment prevent living a dynamic life, contributing to teens feeling inadequate and isolated. This can get in the way of teens making friends, interacting in daily activities, or generally ‘putting themselves out there’ and feeling comfortable in their own skin. Does this sound familiar?


Our goal is to open a new path for your teen to shift from their existing cycle of struggling with social anxiety to a new cycle, the WEmerge cycle to managing social anxiety. Our approach is strategically designed to provide your teen with real-world experiences, exercises and experiments that inform their thoughts and belief system about what’s possible. Our model is grounded in progress, not perfection — step by step, your teen learns to manage their social anxiety rather than being controlled by it.

Existing Cycle: Olde Core Beliefs (about self and others), Tirggering Situation, Automatic Thoughts, Upsetting Feelings, Body Reactions, Usual Way of Coping (avoidance & safety behaviors), Inner Critic (thinking, thinking, thinking) vs. WEmerge Cycle: Triggering Situation, Automatic Thoughts, Upsetting Feeling, Body Reactions - B.I.K.E. - Brake, Inquire, Know, Emerge - New Ways of Coping (decreased avoidance & safety behaviors), Inner Champion (affirming & balanced self-talk), New Core Beliefs (about self and others)

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Here’s how you can get started:

WEmerge Steps

Step One:We’ll have an honest conversation

Schedule a 30-minute conversation with Kyle (parents only at this point) either in-person or via secure Zoom. This free consult with Kyle helps to determine if our program fits your family’s needs, and the best way to approach your teen about participating.

Step Two:We’ll have another honest conversation and three-way commitment

Kyle meets with your teen to confirm their commitment and prepares them for the program. You’ll be connected with Alia who leads the monthly group coaching commitment for parents. Throughout, we commit to providing the support and expertise required for success.

Step Three:We’ll get a little clearer

Kyle schedules an individual kick-off session with your teen to get to know them better, review the self-assessments they’ve completed and determine individual goals. You’ll receive assessment forms that help us integrate the parent perspective and goals for your teen’s experience in the program. Program materials are provided via email prior to the first group session.

Step Four:The learning never stops

The completion of our 12-week program is only the beginning. Our hope for you is that the positive change your family has begun, will be sustained for a lifetime. This is a lifelong system of learning that evolves as your teen gains momentum. We stand at the ready to build a strong foundation of resilience and growth with your teen, step by step.


We do not have any scheduled groups at this time, but please reach out if your teen is interested. We start new groups one-at-a time based on when the group reaches capacity. We do this to ensure a robust therapeutic experience for your teen.

Change is possible

Like you, we want to feel optimistic about our kid’s future, and feel the pride that comes from watching them move through the world earnestly
believing in themselves.

This is not about keeping up with those around us or comparing to unrealistic standards, rather we celebrate the unique life that lives inside each kid.

Change Is Possible - happy teens sitting together on the grass and laughing with each other